virtualwebsterA Picture Says a Thousand Words

I recently attended a week long class called TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language). Part of the class was about neuroscience and how the brain learns.  The old adage “a picture says a thousand words”  is absolutely true when it comes to the way our brain absorbs and retains information.  Pictures can capture the interest of the brain far more effectively than to many spoken or written words.  This is a key factor in web design.

What does your Web Design Say?

Applying this to web design then, means that pictures say more than text, because they quickly convey the message of your business and direct and hold the attention of your customers.  Therefore, the branding and the specific graphic feel of each page on your site are key to accomplishing your online business goals. Let Virtual Webster transform your website into one that is attractive and effective at stimulating the brains of your web audience.