Mobile Optimized WebsiteYou should have a Mobile Optimized Website!

I recently watched an interview between CNN and Eric Schmidt (7 bil) talking about the race between Google and Apple for the big bux.  We are ultimately all going to be connected all the time everywhere.  So prepare to be buying ever newer cell phones, gadgets and possibly implants that will tell you where your friends are at all times.

For really impressive technology see the Microsofts HoloLens.

We will have more and more apps, cloud computing, chrome-books, iPads, iPods.  Who knows, an Apple clothing line called iPants.

Eric Schmidt predicts we will have 100 times more powerful cell phones and mobile units within 10 years.  Throw out your GPS because your phone will do everything.  Our children use these gadgets and this mobile culture will be as normal as it was eating Vegemite when I was growing up in Australia.

Make sure your you have a mobile friendly website or you are going to lose business.

“Mobile web sites have a 75% higher rate of engagement PER VISIT than non-mobile optimized site.”

[author name=”Adobe Omniture(tm) statistics”]

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