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Video Production

Virtual Webster is now specializing in video production and editing. Drawing on his experience in short film and documentary film making in NY, Ralph Mitchell has started working with clients on small web video projects to enhance their brand impact and marketing. Virtual Webster can do commercials, infomercials, product spotlights, YouTube channels, documentary and special […]

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Do you have a mobile optimized website?

You should have a Mobile Optimized Website!
I recently watched an interview between CNN and Eric Schmidt (7 bil) talking about the race between Google and Apple for the big bux.  We are ultimately all going to be connected all the time everywhere.  So prepare to be buying ever newer cell phones, gadgets and possibly implants that will tell […]

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Web Design that says a thousand words!

A Picture Says a Thousand Words
I recently attended a week long class called TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language). Part of the class was about neuroscience and how the brain learns.  The old adage “a picture says a thousand words”  is absolutely true when it comes to the way our brain absorbs and retains information.  Pictures can capture the […]

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Is DIY Website Design really the best option?

These days companies that are interested in bulk sales make it so easy to buy a domain name, find cheap web hosting, download a template and build your own website. Is DIY Website Design really as practical as it seems? I’ve seen so many people try to do it themselves because they want to cut cost, […]

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